Colorful songs

-VOUS- , is a band of 3 multi instrument musicians and accomplices who decided to mingle French songs and world music and sounds : Jew’s harp vibrations or overtone singing meet digital and body percussions, keyboard, strings and reeds, brass and woodwind.

It is to mention that this trio holds 3 members of the Tram des Balkans band, therefore we find the same taste for happy blending and adventurous spirit in a warm and light-hearted relationship between the musicians and the audience.

-VOUS- , is also a double voiced singer, 2 nimble tongues at the service of an accurate writing, a sharp and naughty eye given upon love and the world. We discover the last thoughts of a centennial turtle, the loneliness of a snowflake approaching the ground and the secret of the elephant dance…

Their name is -VOUS- (the French formal and polite second person plural for “You”) because they find it classy, charmingly old-fashioned and sexy. But also because they are now no longer of age for the informal “You” and are keen to make fun of it: they definitely understood that fatherhood doesn’t stop them from learning to play the trumpet.


Main references

Centre Culturel le Train Théâtre, Portes-les-Valence (26) /SMAC 07 – La Presqu’ile, Annonay (07)
Centre Culturel L’heure Bleue, Saint Martin d’Hères (38) / Festival Texte en l’Air, Saint Antoine l’Abbaye (38)


Production : Les Entêtés Production

Residence supports: Le Train Théatre (26),  La Presqu’ile/SMAC07 (07), Salle des Rancy (69)

Support : ADAMI