After 15 years of combined adventures and over 700 concerts, the 5 musicians of TRAM des Balkans reached the artists’ wish to share their ardour and frenzy to a top level of feelgood concept !
The show goes on with Kobiz Project.

Their 5th album opens up to imaginary horizons where traditions mingle and become one, thus building new bridges across a dreamed, global and borderless Europe, from the Mediterranean to Central Asia.

Always steeped in klezmer music and traditional Eastern European tunes, the band managed to step away from a loyal tribute to dig a furrow with each musician’s influences and crave for discoveries.

The pleasure guiding these five boys is obvious. They put their classical training at the service of a peculiar and moving musical freedom. They create music to bring people closer to each other, as it is happy, sensual, mysterious and deeply humane.


« Their music is inspired by Eastern Europe music, withundeniable musical originality, an openness for all styles and genres (jazz, pop, throat singing, rock, …) that we cannot clearly perceive as they are fully assimilated and repossessed. It is strong, it has taste, it swings and coos with humour, cheekiness, nostalgia»  C.R. TRAD MAG.

« the five musicians get up on stage like on a boxing ring, the eye of the tiger, l’oeil du tigre, crooked claws and perfect footwork. It is sweet, spicy, strange, there arewords sounding and airy layers reveal themselves throughout the tasting session. The performance is to be seen as well as heard. » La Montagne

« (…) Tram acknowledges us to close this boisterous and eery show. A strange feeling, a taste of happiness and proud joy to have been welcomed to share a great moment. »

« 3 loony singers and eloquent musicians in anexplosive and contaminating harmony. »

« A great contact with the audience and just enough emotion, humour and heat to lift the spririts to an army of depressed.» S. Denis, Le Scarabée

« TRAM make voices vibrate and languages clash. It is throaty, powerful, impressive. Emotions are tangible as music becomes flesh!The band’s original compositions bounce back with a recapture of so many different musical styles and bring an “undeniable originality” to the scenery»

Main References


Festival Musicalarue, Luxey (40) / Festival Musique Ici et d’Ailleurs, Chalons en Champagne (51)
Festivoix, Trois rivières, Québec (CA) /Festival MediterraneO, Portet sur Garonne (31)
Festival Rhino Jazz, Rive de Gier (42) / Festival Terres du Son, Tours (37)
Festival Nuits du sud, Vence (06) / Festival du Chainon Manquant, Cahors (46)
International Klezmer Festival, Fürth (DE) / Festival du Grand Soufflet, Chartres de Bretagne (35)
Festival du 6e Continent, Lyon (69) / Sunfest, Guelph, Ontario (CA)


Centre Culturel la Palène, Rouillac (16) / Centre Culturel Simone Signoret, Canéjan (33)
Centre Culturel le Train Théâtre, Portes-les-Valence (26) /SMAC 07 – La Presqu’ile, Annonay (07)
Espace Culturel An Dour Meur, Plestin-les-grèves (22) /Théâtre Gallia, Saintes (17)
Le Divan du Monde, Paris (75) /Le New Morning, Paris (75) /Théâtre de Cusset, Cusset (03)
SMAC File 7, Magny le Hongre (77) /Centre Culturel L’heure Bleue, Saint Martin d’Hères (38)


Production : Les Entêtés Production

Co-production : SMAC la Cordonnerie (26)

Residence supports : Mairie de le Chateau d’Oléron (17), Centre Culturel L’Allegro (01), Centre Culturel La Palène (16), La Puce à l’Oreille (63)

With support of : Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Département Isere, Spedidam, CNV