Music in motion

A staggering blend of body percussion and modern music

Let’s wake up and let’s be aroused! Deeply dipped in the working life, three individuals are seeking to combine dreams and reality, to change their sight upon life, until they manage to transcend daily routines. They stir, they meet, they collide and face their universe with music.
Body percussion, vibes, voices, keyboards and guitars in support of frenzy, poetry, humour and love.

This show is a choreographed and dramatized musical encounter of music and movement, laughter and wonder, elsewhere and here. It is a dynamic and explosive performance inviting us on an inner journey, giving us the chance to share and to go in search of others.

This show brings together three young and complete artists, which are at once multi-instrumentalists, composers and overactive pedagogues.

It is creative, modern and highly entertaining.


« A music which emerges from the body and the soul (…) It is astonishing to say so many things without a word (…) surprising and explosive, this creation mingles different modes of expression: music, theatre of gesture, dance and above all body percussions, which is quite out of the common(…) A kind of poetical haka (…) A real moment of escape » C. Morice, Sud Ouest

« Soleo is the reunion of music and movement, laughter and wonder » Ouest France

« A high-level invitation to interior travel, to share and to meet others », Sur un petit nuage, Pessac

«Every glowing praise has already been said about Soleo. Once more tonight the challenge was taken up. What talent and what energy must they have to keep up with the rhythm all along the show…breathtaking…and they manage to keep the audience in suspense without even saying a word. Between dream and reality, everyone has found their hapiness. » Maryvonne Le Nouvel, JMF Vannes delegation

Main references

Espace Paul Jargot, Crolles (38) / L’Atrium, Dax (40) / La Philharmonie de Paris (75)
Le Théâtre Molière, Sète (34) / L’Opéra Théâtre, Clermont Ferrand (63)
La Passerelle, Fleury les Aubray (45) / Salle Claude Chabrol, Angers (49)
Le Dôme, Albertville (73)/ Festivals: Sur un Petit Nuage (33) / Tout’Ouïe (77) / C’est pas classique (06) / Les P’tits Asticots (74) / Festimôme (13) / Nuits du Loup (69) / De Doelen (Netherlands) / China Tour ( Alliance Française)
BIG BANG Festival (France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Spain, Estonia)


Production : Les Entêtés Production

Original creation by Braslavie ;  JM France discovery;  Chaînon Manquant selection

With support of : Spedidam, ADAMI, Sacem, CNV