Before or around the shows, Les Entêtés Production can offer Creative Immersion Workshops

A double meaning collaboration :

Workshops are at the same time an opportunity for transmissions of experiences and sometimes can create a new musical repertoire. Entêtés musicians are highly motivated by all forms of exchanges and especially enjoy projects that involve them as artists, performers, song-writers, arrangers.

The support of hosting structure’s teaching staff is essential to monitor the project and to connect with the participants. We ask for an active involvement of the teaching staff during and between the workshops (positive participation of teachers during the sessions, work with the students between sessions, ect…).

We offer five different workshops:

1. The musical intent (around TRAM des Balkans musicians)

Group practice around Eastern music genre

Learning goals :

-Discover Eastern music (melodic colour, rhythmics, languages) and how to appropriate them in a creative and entertaining way.
-Develop the instrumental and vocal pratice and the musical practice of the band.
-Foster one’s hearing, participation and creativity.
-Focus on the autonomy and self-confidence of the participants.
-Approach stage reality as an actor of a musical show: the project ends with a public performance presenting the accomplished work, witch includes a prepared implementation. A special care is given to each participant’s feeling and perception of belonging to a group.

Public :

This workshop is open to instrumentalists and singers who have already reached a sufficient level of autonomy in their musical practice. All instruments can be integrated, as well as established bands.

2. Voice and body (around TRAM des Balkans musicians)

Vocal practice workshop, choral singing and body percussions

Learning goals :img_0687

-Discover songs and languages from, or inspired by, Klezmer and Eastern European esthetics.
-Explore and outline one’s “vocal identity”, without judgement.
-Develop one’s motricity, concntration and creativity.
-Foster the listening of others and oneself, group cohesion and awareness.
-Approach stage reality as an actor of a musical show: the project ends with a public performance presenting the accomplished work, witch includes a prepared implementation. On this occasion, students will be accompanied by members of the contributing band.

Aimed public :

This workshop is intended to primary school (elementary and middle schools) students and teachers, secondary schools and high schools, established choirs, socio-educative facilities’members, members od employee commitees. Reading music is not required.

3. Song creation (around -VOUS- musicians)

Write, compose and perform one’s own songs

Learning goals :img_3025

-have fun with language, rimes, sonorities, manufacture poetrys
-dealing with a song’s requirements of concision and cohesion: tell a story, explore a theme…
-venture to settle musical notes on words
-work in group for a better artistic outcome

Public :

-all school publics (primry, secondary, high school) supervised by French/English/Music teachers
-independent participants in the context of an associative or socio-cultural facility

4. The thundering tribe  (around TRAM des Balkans musicians)

Federative project of travelling sound creation, gathering people of different age groups, environments and practices.

Learning goals:img_3028

-on a local territory, gather people with different practices, age groups, or interests, in order to make them perform together an identity-forming sound work.

Aimed public :

-instrumentalists (via music schools, local harmonies…)
-members of associations, choirs and socio-cultural centres…

5. Body percussions workshops (around SOLEO musicians)

6. Download the presentation of cultural actions HERE